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How to sort a list of Objects in desc order using streams in java?

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  • In this blog we will be discussing on how to sort list of objects in java using streams in Desc order.
  • To sort the list using streams we sort the list using Comparator function and we collect it as a list using collect function.
  • Below is an example syntax of sorting EmployeeObjects in Desc order using streams.

    List<Empoyee> al=new ArrayList<Empoyee>();
  • Below is an example code how to sort the ArrayList objects using streams in Desc order.

    import java.util.*;
    class SortObjectsUsingStream{
    public static void main(String args[]){
        List<Empoyee> al=new ArrayList<Empoyee>();
        al.add(new Empoyee(27, 103, "Suresh"));
        al.add(new Empoyee(23, 102, "Ramesh"));
        al.add(new Empoyee(21, 105, "Mahesh"));
        al.add(new Empoyee(29, 104, "Gopi"));
        System.out.println("Sorting by Age");
            System.out.println("Name is: "" Age is :"+emplyeDetails.age+"Salary is "+emplyeDetails.salary);
    class Empoyee{
    int age;
    int salary;
    String name;
    Empoyee(int age,int salary,String name){
    public String getName(){
    public int getAge(){
        return this.age;


    D:\java>java SortObjectsUsingStream
    Sorting by Age
    Name is: Gopi Age is :29 Salary is 104
    Name is: Suresh Age is :27 Salary is 103
    Name is: Ramesh Age is :23 Salary is 102
    Name is: Mahesh Age is :21 Salary is 105